About us

Hello, My name is Julie and I am the owner of Natalie's Gourmet Coffee and Tees.

I started Natalie's Gourmet Coffee and Teas because I wanted to offer more of a variety of different coffees then the big box stores, now there is nothing wrong with the big box stores I wanted to offer more of a variety of flavors.  

Our coffee comes from all over the world, and farmers adhere to these strict standards with environmentally friendly processing, washing the beans and leaving in the sun to dry, then hand sorting and packaging. Our coffee is the highest quality of coffee and our coffee is freshly roasted. Whole beans are roasted and shipped the same day; ground and espresso are roasted the day before and shipped after being ground.

Why do you want to buy from me? Sure, you could find others coffee that is cheaper, but do you want to sacrifice taste? Our coffee is highest quality, so you are getting better coffee and did I mention that shipping is FREE if shipped within the USA.